Showcase of Arras Theme Custom Designs

If you have been visiting the Arras Theme Community Forums lately, you might have popped by the Theme Showcase forum, where numerous users of Arras Theme have worked hard to customize the theme (I admit, it’s not easy to do it) to work with their site content. Here are some of the few that I have handpicked. Hopefully we will get to see more of such great designs in the future!

Gio’s Anime Blog
One of the theme’s top contributors’ blog.

Gio's Anime Blog_1272981115464 

Found Chicago

Found Chicago - rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming for Chicago's dogs and cats_1272982901414 a blog about gaming and me_1272982977069

We Are Change London

We Are Change London - News & Activism_1272982228761

Geeks of Gaming

Geeks of Gaming - We Outgeek The Guild_1272983035443

Crossroads Care in the Vale

Crossroads Care in the Vale -_1272982352074

Nebraska USATF

Nebraska USATF -_1272982501316
Yes, it’s a very heavily modified version of the theme.

CFD & Forex rebates - Online Trading rebates - FX rebates - Cash back brokers_1272981645861

I’m sure that there are many other great sites out there. Drop me an email if you wish to add your website into this list!

A Quick Update

Just posting a quick one here to let everyone know that I’m still alive. :)

I’ve been pretty busy lately as for the past few months, with a never-ending truckload of work thrown at me everyday. Nevertheless, it’s kind of interesting, and frustrating at the same time.

I’ve managed to squeeze some time to work on Arras Theme, which has been updated to 1.4 with many new features targeted for WordPress 2.9. Do check it out here.

Once the theme is almost bug-free, it’s time to move on and work on a new project. Maybe a new WordPress theme?

Arras Theme 1.4 – Upcoming Changes

Here are some of the key changes for Arras Theme 1.4, where the first beta will be available sometime this week.

New Features

  • Full support for WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail system
    (timThumb system will still be available for backward compatibility)
  • Thumbnail sizes for featured posts and news posts can now be adjusted in theme options.
  • Date and comment count on post thumbnails can now be turned off in theme options.
  • Sidebar widgets code have been rewritten using WordPress 2.8’s widgets API, allowing you to use the widgets more than once.
  • Multi-tabbed sidebar has been redesigned.
  • Multi-tabbed sidebar can now be shown on home page only, as an option.
  • Latest previews and reviews widget has been replaced by a new widget called ‘Featured Stories’.
  • Featured stories can be shown on posts only, as an option.
  • Widgets will display post thumbnails on respective links (WordPress 2.9 only).
  • A link to your site’s Twitter feed can be displayed beside the link to your RSS feed in your navigation bar. (Username can be adjusted in theme options).
  • One column layout is now available in the theme options.
  • Various visual tweaks have been made to the default style.
  • Template for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin available by default.
  • Built-in support for Cufón, along with a default font BPreplay

Other Changes

  • Certain options in Navigation tab in the theme options will not display if Multi-Level Navigation Plugin is installed.
  • Removed image background options (a new system will be developed in the future).
  • Removed post links in single post template in favour of numerous plugins.
  • Removed compatibility functions for WordPress 2.7 and below. The theme now requires WordPress 2.8 and above to run.
  • Removed support for phpThumb in favour of the new WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail system.
  • Most of the options in Categories tab in theme options have been moved to the Layout tab.
  • Usage page has been removed in favour of WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail system.

Just a Quick Update

I do apologise for my ‘disappearance’ for the past few months, as I do not have the time to even read and answer my emails (tons of it).

I have been only able to check out the internet during the weekends for the past few months or so due to my commitments. For now, I am working irregular hours and am still getting used to my job and working schedules.

Hopefully I will have the time to take a look at my projects (especially Arras Theme) and update them.

Arras Theme 1.3.4 Now Available

Another update for Arras Theme is now available in the WordPress themes directory.

New Features

  • Added WP-Email support into post bar and improved its appearance in the default style
  • Added description on where to place custom background images
  • Added options to display specific items in single post template (categories, tags, published date, postbar)
  • Added thumbnail width and height options in functions.php of the theme
  • Added support for Multi-Level Navigation Plugin. If you wish to have more control with your top navigation it is highly recommended you use this plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DIV IDs in featured posts that could cause XHTML validation errors
  • Name and email required fields are now based on WordPress settings
  • Fixed search template not displaying nicely as it should
  • Fixed sub-menus not styled if top navigation option is set to pages
  • Fixed Edit Post link not working in post bar
  • Fixed qTranslate plugin translating the theme options fields
  • Fixed most Lightbox plugins not working with the theme

Download Arras Theme 1.3.4